Intensive Studies Seminar
Taos, NM

Skip Lawrence, Christopher Schink, Kathrine Chang Liu,
Fran Larsen and Alex Powers

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Are you ready to grow and develop as an artist?
Do you wish you could more clearly define your own, personal style of painting?
If so, join us for our Intensive Studies Seminar in Taos.

An intensive workshop with 5 outstanding instructors.

- Studio critiques and individual instruction from five outstanding instructors
that will help you define and develop your own personal style.

- A personal critique from one of the five instructors.

- 8 uninterrupted days (and evenings, if you wish) in the studio

- Instruction, design clinics, criticism, lectures, and slide shows

- An opportunity to share and exchange ideas with equally serious
and motivated students in a friendly and supportive environment.

This class is limited in size for maximum interaction between
instructors and students.
call Skip Lawrence- (301) 789-1455.

The Intensive Studies Seminar is a program unlike any other you have ever attended. Our returning students tell us it gets better and better each year!

The program is updated each year so that returning students can get the most
out of the workshop, year after year.

The planning of our seminar is a group effort by the five of us. Each of us brings a
slightly different approach to painting and teaching, but our basic teaching philosophies
are the same: to help each participant find and develop his own personally expressive
way to paint.

Our program is unique.
We designed this seminar for developing painters who are ready to move
beyond the typical watermedia workshop approach that emphasizes techniques
and a narrow choice of concepts. We’re different.

We don’t emphasize technique (although we’ll offer help if you need it), and we
don’t expect you to be a master of the medium. If you have a few years of painting
experience, that’s enough. We do emphasize concept —what you’re going to do
with your technique to express your ideas, interests, and feelings.

We’ll offer you (in our studio instruction, personal critiques, and slide presentations)
a variety of approaches to choose from and will suggest numerous ways you can
employ color, design, and space to make a more effective and creative painting.
As we rotate from group to group, we’ll offer individual instruction, suggestions,
and written comments (that you can refer to over the course of the seminar).

In short, this seminar is about the way you paint (or want to paint) and not about
the way we paint. And none of us believes there is a hierachy in painting, that
non-objective painting is superior to more realistic styles (or the reverse).
We’ll help you make the choices that will be the most satisfying to you.

The title Intensive Studies Seminar may sound a little daunting, and the painters
who attend do work hard. But the feeling in the studio is one of excitement and
enthusiasm; the participants are supportive and non-competive. It’s a unique
opportunity to learn and grow as an artist.

We hope you will join us.

FOR INFORMATION call Skip Lawrence- (301) 789-1455 or visit

"The ISS gave me concentrated and uninterrupted time and guidance to explore ideas and
concepts that had eluded me before. The balance of work and seminar discussion
provided all of us with a chance to consider new approaches.

I worked hard, laughed a lot, and met some wonderful artists I still stay in contact with. Plus, I left the ISS a better painter and artist, and years later I continue to explore ideas I took home with me. Can't wait to return."

-- Carol W., San Jose CA